maurits bollen © 2018

A first try at full colour gum bichromate printing. For each colour in the CMYK sequence, a separate negative was used. I chose a pinhole image, probably not the smartest thing to do.

On the left is the final CMYK image. Calling it a CYMK image would be more correct actually. The second image is a cyanotype. It is the first layer (C) in the colour sequence. The next image is the result of a layer of Windsor & Newton Transparent Yellow gum bichromate (Y) over the cyanotype. This intermediate result is now a CY image. The last image is a layer of Windsor & Newton Alizarin Crimson gum bichromate (M) over the previous two layers. So now it has become a CYM image, lacking real black tones. Printing Windsor & Newton Lamp Black over the previous stage produces the CYMK image on the left.

All layers were brush coated on Fabriano Artistico 300 gr extra white hot pressed water colour paper.