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These are pumping installations near the Belgian city of Liège. All are maintained by A.I.D.E. or the “Association Intercommunale pour le Démergement et l’Epuration des communes de la province de Liège”.

Coal mining activities in the region of Liège had led to a steady inclination of the surrounding lands. This to a level that at some points the surface was 6 to 8 meters lower than it used to be originally. With the river Meuse so nearby, the risk of flooding became serious. Indeed, in 1925 and 1926 the area was severely inundated. At that time, this region was the industrial heartland of Belgium and drastic measures had to be taken to protect this vital part of Belgium’s economy. The river Meuse was subsequently tamed by numerous dams, dikes and the pumping stations above.

Most buildings were designed by the Belgian architect Joseph Moutschen.